Two diesel icebreakers of Rosmorport assist vessels on the way to Pevek port

On 7th of January, two icebreakers of Rosmorport have successfully finished complicated assistance for vessels “Iohann Makhmastal” and “Sinegorsk” on the way to Pevek port. The vessels provided delivery of building materials to the Northernmost sea port of Russia.
For the first time in the NSR history, the icebreakers prolonged to January the period of operational navigation on this route that made available through pass for vessels from western to almost eastern border of the NSR waters.
The delivery of around 10 th tonnes of general cargo to Pevek is necessary for building of quay wall in order to provide a location area for floating nuclear heat and power plant.
On 14th of December, 2016, a convoy of vessels “Iohann Makhmastal” and “Sinegorsk” assisted with diesel icebreaker “Kapitan Dranitsyn” of Rosmorport left Arkhangelsk port and headed for the NSR waters. On 28th of December the vessels achieved the Sannikov Strait which delimitates the Laptev Sea and the East-Siberian Sea.
Due to heavy ice conditions – high ice pressure of 3 points – Rosmorport decided to provide icebreaker assistance for the vessels from the Sannikov Strait with icebreaker “Kapitan Dranitsyn” and “Admiral Makarov”, the latter was sent forehead to the region of navigation. 
In future, the icebreakers will break the ice in the waters and near the quays of Pevek port for providing the ability to moor and discharge vessels.
Rosmorport is leading operator of diesel-electric icebreakers that provide icebreaker assistance of any complexity. Today the company has 35 available icebreakers. The company is implementing the program of extension of icebreaker fleet.

Source: http://www.morvesti.ru/

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