Nuclear icebreaker “50 let Pobedy” removed research vessel “Viktor Buynitskiy” from ice pressure

On 20th of October, in the East Siberian Sea, the nuclear icebreaker “50 let Pobedy” finished a rescue operation to remove the research vessel “Viktor Buynitskiy” from multi-year ice. In the De Long Islands region in the East Siberian Sea the crew of the research vessel “Viktor Buynitskiy” was carrying out a set of studies among them was instrumental evaluation of the bottom topography of the region where the vessel “Jeannette” sank while the De Long expedition. During the work, the vessel happened to be in the multi-year ice area. As a ship owner of the vessel “Zubov State Oceanography Institute” reported in the result of the wind change, ice concentration went up to 8-10 points. Independent shipping became impossible.

On the 19th of October the nuclear icebreaker “50 let Pobedy” went to the distressed ship. “Now there is intensive ice formation in the Arctic”, said Andrey Smirnov, Fleet Operations Deputy to General Director”. – “Viktor Buyntskiy” became trapped in the ice of 1,2 m height. Yet again Rosatomflot has approved that only nuclear icebreakers are able to help distressing vessels in the any region of the Arctic Ocean. Thanks to experienced crew of the icebreaker, the research vessel “Viktor Buynitskiy” was successfully escorted to the area of the open water. 

Source: http://rosatomflot.ru/

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