Rosatomflot’ workers are “Honorary citizens of Murmansk”

On the 4th of October Murmansk celebrated 100th anniversary and awarded the General Director of Russia’s nuclear icebreaker fleet Vyacheslav Ruksha and Fleet Operations Deputy to General Director Andrey Smirnov with the city’s highest award.

  • This award is one of the highest for me, Vyacheslav Ruksha said. – In 1976 I’ve started to work on nuclear powered icebreakers. Murmansk opened my way to the Arctic. I am grateful to the citizens for appreciating my work.

Since 1974, the award "Honorary Citizen of Murmansk" has been assigned to citizens for outstanding achievements in the social sphere and economy of the city, for the benefit activities for Murmansk that were widely recognized at the national and international levels.

Earlier in other years, 3 workers of Rosatomflot received this high award: Maslov Vitaliy, Tumparov Anver and Sokolov Boris.

  - It was a big surprise for me to get this award, said Fleet Operations Deputy to General Director Andrey Smirnov. - I was born in Rostov-on-Don, but I’m obliged to Murmansk for my becoming. It is real pleasure to get the title in 100th anniversary of the city.

 Since 1974, 72 people have received the award «Honorary Citizen of the Hero City Murmansk.


Source: http://rosatomflot.ru/

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