More than 2,1 bln to project development for nuclear icebreakers of new types - “Atomflot”

Development of engineering project plans for two nuclear icebreakers of new types will cost over 2,1 bln rubles. “Atomflot” CEO, Vyacheslav Ruksha, has said it today on “Rosatom” forum in Murmansk, reported TASS.
“Development of engineering project plan for nuclear leader-icebreaker of 10510 project and for multifunction offshore nuclear icebreaker of 10570 project will cost 1,3 bln and 0,8 bln rubles respectively”, mentioned CEO while reporting.
The icebreaker of 10510 project will be constructed for year-round assistance along all the NSR for large-capacity transport vessels with deadweight over 100K t and width over 50 m. Its length is 209,6 m, width – 47,7 m, displacement – 69,5K t, capacity – 120 MW. This icebreaker, which is going to be the biggest in its class, will be able to meet the ice of 4,1 m thickness. As it was mentioned in the report, all the materials and main equipment necessary for the construction can be produced at domestic production units.
Multifunction nuclear icebreaker of 10570 project will be also aimed at work on the Northern Sea Route, but on its high spots. Such icebreaker can meet the ice of 2,4 m thickness and has following characteristics: length – 152 m, width – 31 m, displacement – 20,7K t, capacity – 40 MW.
The icebreaker of 10510 project will be put in operation in 2024, 10570 project – in 2022. The development of engineering project plans starts in this year and will take 2 and 1,5 years respectively. Central Design Bureau “Iceberg” is working on the projects.

Source: http://morvesti.ru/

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