Test on the NSR for new icebreakers 

New diesel-electric icebreakers “Vladivostok” and “Murmansk” (project 21900 M) have been constructed at the Vyborg Shipyard for Rosmorport company. Now they are going to meet trial on the NSR.
“We need heavy ice, ridges and thick fast ice. Only extreme conditions can test vessel’s operating data”, said Chief Executive of the Shipyard Alexander Solovyov.
The vessels left the Gulf of Finland on 5th of April and set a course for Murmansk. After they will go to waters of the Western Arctic: icebreaking capability, work of engines, machinery and facilities will be tested in different navigational conditions, TASS reported.
Rosmorport got the main icebreaker – project “Vladivostok” – in October 2015, the other vessel – “Murmansk” – in December 2015. The vessels are capable to break the ice of 1,5 m thick; they will be used in the Baltic, the White and in other freezing seas and also on the Arctic routes.
Icebreakers of project 21900 M have improved characteristics, which include the operational experience of the vessels from previous series. The main tasks of the vessels are assisting of heavy-tonnage vessels in ice, towing, fire fighting on floating objects and other facilities, assisting vessels in distress, cargo transportation. The third ship in this series, “Novorossiysk”, will be ready for hand over to Rosmorport at the end of 2016.

Source: http://www.arctic-info.ru

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