Nuclear cargo icebreaker “Sevmorput” makes first voyage from Murmansk to Kamchatka in autumn

The nuclear cargo icebreaker “Sevmorput” will make the first voyage along the Northern Sea Route in autumn that was said in the Government of Murmansk region on Thursday.
“The project of container line, which links Murmansk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, supposed to be implemented with the aim to ease Trans-Siberian railway under supply of Russian Far East”, the press service reports.
As it was earlier reported by Central Design Bureau “Baltsudoproekt” (the branch of “Krylov State Research Center”), “Sevmorput” was under significant reengineering that has been started in December 2013. The vessel is being reconstructed with regard to strict up to date requirements of nuclear and environmental security.
Nuclear lighter carrier ship “Sevmorput” (project 10081) is the only nuclear icebreaking cargo vessel in the world. Its project design documentation was developed by Central Design Bureau “Baltsudoproekt” in 1978 on special order of USSR Government. After the vessel commissioning in 1988, it sailed abroad and in the NSR waters. In 2000’s the ship was on long-term mooring in Murmansk, when in 2013 it was decided to reconstruct it.
Deadweight of the lighter carrier ship is 61880 tons, length – 250 m, capacity of the main energy facility – 29420 kW, full speed – 20,8 knots. The vessel’s cargo capacity is 74 lighters with carrying capacity of 300 tons every single or 1328 containers.
Source: http://tass.ru/

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