Necessary and sufficient conditions for the development of the Northern Sea Route

The results of tender initiated by the Russian Ministry of Far East Development in December 2015 for implementation of the research project “Development of conceptual frameworks of competitive development model of the Northern Sea Route” were announced today. The winner is the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.
The project has two main goals. The first one is to analyze necessary and sufficient conditions for the development of the Northern sea transport corridor with the usage of the Northern Sea Route. The other one is development of organizational, financial and economic and competitive models of development and functioning of the Northern Sea Route in short- and long-term perspective. That also includes retaining and expansion of the NSR recreational functions in the light of the objectives of social and economic development of the Russian Federation that ensure the growth of transit capacity as a competitive, trans-border corridor of global importance including for container transport.

The mentioned goals set objectives to the winner. So, the Center should perform retrospective analysis and forecast of transport needs of the NSR considering development trends of the economy and population of the Russian Federation, Far East, Arctic macro region, European countries Asia-Pacific region and North America in short- and long-term perspective. Other, equally important, objective is developing of a financial and economic model for developing the Northern Sea Route as a competitive transport corridor of global importance, including for container transport. Another model should be also elaborated within the tasks: functional model of the NSR’s activity and development including suggestions for improvement of interdepartmental administration of the NSR transport system. Options for main NSR driving forces need to be presented. Integral part of latter is preparation of comprehensive “commercial offer” for potential investors including optimal financial pattern. Furthermore, the Center will analyze the state of the NSR transport infrastructure and available traffic-carrying capacity of different transport types under number of forecast development scenarios of political and economic situation. Finally, the winner needs to prepare capital cost assessment connected with the NSR development.

All these goals and objectives should be fulfilled and go to the results of the project, which, as expected, will be ready in the beginning of June 2016. 

Source: http://zakupki.gov.ru

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