Tender for the construction of two serial universal nuclear icebreakers of project 22220

The State Corporation «Rosatom» Company has announced a tender for the construction of two serial universal icebreakers of project 22220. The initial price of the State contract is 84.4 billion rubles.

The first vessel is to be commissioned in the year 2019 (its construction, according to the tender documentation, should be completed before December 25, 2019), the second in the year 2020 (the construction must be completed by December 25, 2020).

Icebreakers are designed for continuous operation in the Western area of the Arctic, including the Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas, in shallow waters of the Yenisei (up to the Dudinka port) and the Gulf of the Ob river; in the summer-autumn season in the Eastern part of the Arctic.

Universal double acting nuclear 60 megawatt power icebreaker will become the largest and the most powerful icebreaker in the World. Its length is 173.3 m, width - 34 m, draft on constructive waterline - 10.5 m, minimum operating draft - 8.55 m. Cruising speed - 20 knots.

Source: Arctic-info

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