Nuclear-powered container vessel «Sevmorput» will be restored

At the end of December, the Director General of the State Corporation «Rosatom» Company S.V. Kirienko signed the order on the restoration of the nuclear-powered lighter carrier "Sevmorput".  The unique vessel will start operating again in February 2016.

“Sevmorput” will be conducting traditional support of the Northern delivery and new projects, such as participation in the development of the shelf and Pavlovsk deposit of lead-zinc ores in the Novaya Zemlya. Will appear also the new task through the Ministry of Defense to ensure the deployment of presence of military forces in the Arctic, rehabilitation of the infrastructure of airfields and ports of Novosibirsk islands, Franz Josef land, and other areas of the far North. Currently the repair works to restore the vessel have been started. The timeframe for the fulfilment of the above works is 1.5 years. 

We remind that the atomic lighter carrier “Sevmorput” is the only nuclear powered transport vessel in Russia. She was built at “Zaliv” Shipyard in Kerch in the period from June 01, 1982 to December 31, 1988. Since the time when the national flag was raised and the vessel started to sail, she passed 302 000 miles, transported more than 1,5 million tons of cargo. The vessel can take totally 74 lighters with the cargo capacity of 300 tons or 1328 twenty-foot container. According to the order of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Company  dated 24.10.2012, the nuclear reactor had to get to the final shutdown mode . Now these works are suspended.

Source: Rosatomflot

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