Port Arkhangelsk

The seaport of Arkhangelsk is one of the several ports in the European part of Russia that has got an unconstrained access to the World’s ocean. The port handles cargoes to northern and polar areas as well as export timber. The port of Arkhangelsk is located in the mouth of the Northern Dvina River, near the coast of the White Sea. The port is navigable all year round; in winter vessels are piloted with the assistance of icebreakers. The port of Arkhangelsk admits vessels with width of 30m, length of 190m and draught of up to 9.2m. In total 150 mooring berths where more than 200 stevedoring companies work are available at the port of Arkhangelsk. The length of the moorage wall constitutes more than 15km. The Arkhangelsk port handles wide range of cargoes: cellulose, cardboard, metals, timber, containers, heavy equipment, bulk cargoes, refrigerated cargoes, timber freights, and oil cargoes. The main port capacities are located on both banks of the Northern Dvina River: Maimaksa and Kouznechikha. Between them there are berths of the sea commercial port (port areas Ekonomiya and Bakaritsa), river port (areas of Zharovikha and the Arkhangelsk Cellulose and Paper Plant (ACPP)), the trawl fleet and other timber enterprises that export timber freights and own more than 20 mooring berths located on the left and right banks of the Northern Dvina River, Maimaksanskiy, Korabelniy, Kouzhechevskiy and Nikolskiy arms of the river. The joint sea and river station located on the right bank of the Northern Dvina River admits river and sea long-distance passenger ships as well as local ships.

Information from "ESIMO Centre at the Ministry of Transport of Russia at ZAO CNIIMF" was used under the development of the webpage.

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